mandag 17. juni 2019

Art for peace in Kosovo

It is very nice to see so many people today in Pristina. This is a lovely city. Today I bought a wonderful Albanian belt and lace cover in the bazaar. I've tolked to many people. It is so nice to see that Albanians, Turks and Serbs live together in harmony. I hope it continiues forever!

I am an computer engineer, author, translator and polıtician living in Oslo, Norway. I am a member of the city council of Oslo.

We politicans can do many things - in Norway, in Turkey, in Kosovo. But we can not create art. Art is special. Cartonists are artists. The cartoonists show us the good, the bad. Criticize. They create.

Art is international. It can contribute to peace. This exhibition with artists coming from all over the world also contributes to peace between countries. Kosovo as a flower that blooms among the ot countries ilke a beautiful flower. One of the nicest drawings in the exhibition.

It is important that the artists are encouraged to express themselvess freely.

Thanks to Agim and municipality and Ministry of Culture that gives world’s cartoonists an opportunity to express themselves so that with their contribution we together can make the world a better place to live in. I will take this nice experiment with me back to Norway.